An Overview of the Twisted Circus Slot Machine

Ready, set, go! The Twisted Circus slot machine game is a colorfully sinister take on the traditional circus theme, complete with a plethora of out-of-the-ordinary symbols and sky-high rewards. This fantastical game from Microgaming, which does away with paylines, offers 243 chances to win once the circus has left town. Read this Twisted Circus review to find out who to look out for and what extras are included in your ticket price.

About the Slot Machine Titled “Twisted Circus”

A frightening fascination with the bizarre is what draws viewers to shows like American Horror Story and Twin Peaks. The Twisted Circus, created by software developer Microgaming, embodies this mystery and appeal with its cast of stock sideshow characters. These include the bearded lady, the snake charmer, the fire eater, and the white-haired conjoined twins. The music playing is a slower and more distorted take on the upbeat Entry of the Gladiators (Thunder and Blazes). The ringmaster leads you around the circus and rewards you with free games and other perks as you go. The high return-to-player (RTP) percentage of 96.36% may convince you to become a permanent part of the strange world of the traveling circus.

Slot Machine Symbols, Features, and Extras for the Twisted Circus

A double-jointed joker, a curly-mustached strongman, and an accordion-playing ape are just a few of the twisted yet charming characters you’ll meet in the Twisted Circus slot game. The lowest paying symbol is the monkey, which awards 1400 times the initial wager for five in a row. The highest is the courageous fire eater, who awards 5,000 times the initial wager for five in a row.

The logo for The Twisted Circus itself serves as the game’s Wild symbol, which may substitute for anything except the Scatter and Bonus icons. The Scatter here is a purple eye looking straight at you from the face of an entry ticket. No matter how many Scatters land on the reels, the Free Spins bonus round will always begin with 13 free games. Keep in mind that the Scatter symbol is extremely expensive, and that getting five of them in a row may return 60,000 times the initial wager. Additionally, all Free Spins prizes are tripled, increasing the maximum win to 416,000 coins.

When the Ring Master appears on reels three, four, and five, you’ll trigger a second bonus game. Inside the huge tent, he leads you to a new area where a 4×4 grid of circles with a star and a terrifying eye staring out awaits you. When you are there, all you have to do to win is find three identical symbols. Bonus round wilds can substitute for lower-paying symbols to help you win more frequently and more generously. The fire eater, once more, has a maximum payout of 15,000 times the initial wager. However, if you are fortunate enough to get three Wilds before any other symbols, your reward will skyrocket to an incredible 42,000 coins.

Do you think you have what it takes to win by juggling? A ticket to The Twisted Circus is a must-have for today.

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