Poker with Tequila

This is not some sort of inebriation-inducing drinking game, but rather an incredible variation on Poker that borrows rules from Blackjack. Although it took me a few minutes to wrap my head around what was going on, I was quickly converted to playing Tequila Poker, which has to be one of the best games I’ve played in a long time. Take your time, explore the features, and perfect your approach without risking any of your own money before you go on to the real money gaming section.

Tequila Poker’s rules may look complicated at first glance, but learning them is a breeze. You’ll get four cards to start. You must determine whether you have a Poker hand or a point total hand based on these cards. The top five cards from the deck will make up your hand, which you’ll build after receiving the final two cards.

Choose High Tequila if your first four cards suggest you may have a strong starting hand. After the initial six cards are dealt, your final score is determined by adding together the values of the five highest cards still in play, and rewards are distributed as follows:

54 = 200 to 1

53 = 15 to 1

52 = 7 to 1

51 = 4 to 1

50 = 3 to 1

49 = 2 to 1

46-48 = 1 to 1

No prizes will be awarded to those who have chosen High Tequila but who have scored lower than 46. Choose Tequila Poker instead, and your best five cards will be paid out as if you had a standard Poker hand.

The payouts for the three highest hands in poker are as follows:

Straight Flush = 5 to 1 Full House = 8 to 1 Three of a Kind = 3 to 1

A pair of aces is worth 1 to 1 against a pair of kings.

The game’s versatility is what keeps me coming back for more. You can construct winning strategies by constantly switching up your approach to the game based on your appraisal of the available cards.

Playtech has done an excellent job with Tequila Poker’s coding. It’s sleek and intelligent with a straightforward design, belying the lightheartedness of its moniker. The game works perfectly, feeling just like a real casino slot machine.


Despite my extensive gaming experience, Tequila Poker remains a consistent favorite. You can give it a try for free right now and see if you agree with me.

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